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Dripper Guard - Why It’s The Best Boat Accessory For Your Thru-Hull


While our original product, the Dripper Guard, has become a popular boating accessory among boaters around the world, we’ve recently brought it to the next level with the Dripper Guard Pro.

The Dripper Guard Pro takes the original thru-hull stain guard design and integrates it with the thru-hull in order to provide further protection and longer reach for even larger vessels to avoid boat hull stains. This ensures a more secure fit compared to the original Dripper Guard that you simply place around the outer edges of your thru-hull and allow to cure for adhesion to the boat hull.

If you prefer the incredibly simple installation of the original Dripper Guard, you certainly don’t have to worry about it staying secure, as you can see in the video below. The Dripper Guard Pro just takes durability and security to even new heights!


In order to utilize the Dripper Guard Pro, though, it’s important to know your boat’s current thru-hull fitting size. See our handy chart to determine if your current boat’s thru-hull fittings will fit the Dripper Guard Pro. If not, no worries! We even provide our own boat-hull fittings that will ensure a perfect fit for your Dripper Guards!

It’s easy to see how having Dripper Guards installed on your boat at every thru-hull can save you time and money on boat maintenance. Once you’ve ordered your Dripper Guards for this year’s boating season, read our step-by-step guide on how to effectively clean your boat hull (for the last time) before installing your new stain protectors.


Less Boat Cleaning Means More Time Boating

Once you’ve gotten your boat hull clean, your Dripper Guards installed, and your boat back on the water, we’ve compiled a list of some of the things you can do with your time now that you won’t be wasting it on cleaning your boat hull!


Try Wakeboarding Or Wake Surfing

Now that you’ll be spending less money on boat cleaners, it’s the perfect time to get some new toys for your boat! A wakeboard or wakesurf board are both great additions to any lake-dwelling boat as they’re not only exciting and fairly simple to learn, but they’re also compact and easy to keep stored on your boat compared to giant tubes! If these watersports aren’t quite up your alley, check out our list of the ten best boating accessories to have aboard your vessel for other items that will add value to your boating experience.


Go Deep Sea Fishing

If you’re a saltwater boater, now that you don’t have to worry about as many pesky stains getting on your boat hull, you can take more deep sea fishing trips! Deep sea fishing offers fun for the entire family (or a great escape from the family) as you head off deep into the blue horizon on a quest to bring in the biggest catch of the day. With less boat cleaning, you can certainly take these long, deep sea adventures more often!


Take On A New Boat Project

Now that your boat hull is clean and clear, you can spend your time in the garage with your boat working on other, more fun projects for your boat! You can put in a new sound system or maybe replace that old boat carpet — the possibilities are endless!




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