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Protect Your Boat From Hull Stains!


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Designed of soft, flexible rubber, UV protected and 3M® bonding

Dripper Guard prevents boat hull stains caused by boat thru-hulls. It’s perfect for any component on your boat that has a thru-hull! Ideal for preventing stains from air conditioner, sink, generator, shower, bilge pump, bait well, and sump pump thru-hulls. Forget the boat hull cleaner and make your boat maintenance a breeze with Dripper Guard.

Dripper Guard

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Guaranteed Secure Bond

The Dripper Guard uses a 3M high-strength adhesive system for a secure bond between fiberglass and polymer rubber

Flexible and Durable

Being made of soft polymer rubber allows the Dripper Guard to flex and bend as necessary, so it will last through pressure washing and hits up against the dock. Its UV protection prevents fading and cracking for long lasting protection

2 Colors and Sizes

Available in white or black. Fits thru-hulls up to 2 5/8” outside diameter.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

Simple prep — peel 3M backing and press along the bottom edge of your thru-hull.

Patented Channel Design

Re-directs water out and away from the hull preventing drips down the side and eliminates stains and water sediment build up



Avoid costly and labor-intensive boat maintenance and ensure your boat stays stain-free and looking great with Dripper Guard!

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