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Tips to Remove and Replace Boat Carpet


When you have guests aboard your boat, you want it to be a welcoming experience where they can kick off their sandals and shoes and make themselves at home, and having quality carpeting for your boat is essential for the best boating experience.

But sadly, repeated exposure to the elements and the harsh marine environment can take quite a toll on your boat’s carpeting. It can easily collect mildew, stains, and fishy odors over time. That’s why at Dripper Guard, we recommend for best boat maintenance practice to replace your boat’s carpeting every few years, no matter how often you may have it cleaned.

When it comes to carpet replacement for your boat, you, like many other boaters, may be curious about if there is a simple DIY method for getting the job done. To put it simply, there is, and it can be surprisingly simpler than what you might have imagined!

While it can be a seamless process, be aware! Marine carpet removal and installation can take a few days or even a couple of weeks depending on how much time you dedicate to this boat maintenance task.

For the boaters that do wish to roll up their sleeves and tackle this DIY boat maintenance project, the following is our step-by-step guide. Once you have your new carpet installed in your boat, look into purchasing our Dripper Guards to make boat maintenance a breeze and keep your boat’s hull and new carpet alike in pristine condition for longer than ever.

For starters, you will want to select your replacement carpet. Opting for the higher-quality marine-grade carpet is a good investment in the future of your boat and makes for a great upgrade. Always be sure to get a hold of a sample prior to purchasing rather than simply selecting a texture and color online that “seems right.” Pictures can be deceiving!

Out With The Old: Removing Your Old Boat Carpet

These initial steps are the most labor-intensive part of the process, but here are our steps to follow to have you whistling while you work.

  • Check your boat trailer for stability.
  • Disconnect your boat’s battery.
  • Take pictures of any components you remove, especially if you’re dealing with boat wiring. You’ll thank us later when putting everything back together.
  • Remove all carpeted hatches and panels.
  • Place all hardware in labeled bags.
  • Gently remove staples with a staple remover.
  • Grab a corner, cross your fingers, and see if the carpet pulls up and out easily. Keep your pieces as a template for the new carpet.
  • Label each piece as you remove it according to its orientation and location on the boat.
  • Remove all adhesive residue with your tool of choice, and inspect your bare deck for damage.


In With The New: Installing Your New Boat Carpet

  • Unroll your new carpet on a clean surface with the backing face-up. Smooth out any ripples. Mark it up to designate the direction you want it to run.
  • Place your old carpet templates on top of the new carpet to match them up. Then trace the outlines of the pieces with a marker, including all hatch and panel pieces (make these a tad bit larger).
  • Cut your new carpet pieces, changing your blade frequently to prevent tears or fringing.
  • Take your largest pieces of carpet and unroll them enough to glue the center down. Once the center adheres, continue onward working from the center outwards towards each of the edges.
  • Allow the glue to set for at least an hour.

From here, it’s time to check your pictures from prior and get your boat reassembled, and then you’re all set!

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