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Plastic chamois towel container on top of the yellow chamois.

Absorber Chamois 27"X17"

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Chamois Towel

The perfect scratch-free absorber

  • Our chamois towel is more absorbent than other leather chamois.
  • Our chamois towel is perfect for delicately drying surfaces without scratching them.
  • Our chamois towel can easily soak up spills and messes in no time.
  • Our chamois towel can save you space by replacing your large, bulky towels.

If you are a boat owner, then you know that your boat is your baby and you would do anything to protect him or her. Our chamois towel at Dripper Guard helps you do just that. We know that you are out there regularly keeping your beloved boat looking like new by washing it regularly. Make sure you don’t scratch your boat with an abrasive cloth or towel, treat your boat the way it deserves to be treated with a chamois from Dripper Guard.

  • Size: 27” X 17”
  • Yellow

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