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Black Dripper Guard PRO attached to a stainless steel thru hull
Photo of three white Dripper Guard PROs side by side.
Dripper Guard® PRO
Dripper Guard® PRO
Dripper Guard® PRO
Dripper Guard® PRO
Dripper Guard® PRO
Dripper Guard® PRO
Dripper Guard® PRO
Dripper Guard® PRO

Dripper Guard® PRO

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NEW FOR 2019

Integrated Dripper Guard PRO! 

Dripper Guard® PRO

The premier integrated Dripper Guard


  • The Dripper Guard PRO attaches directly to your thru hull for quick and easy installation
  • The Dripper Guard PRO keeps your boat looking beautiful by protecting it from unsightly stains
  • The Dripper Guard PRO is composed of a soft and durable rubber compound for continued grip and protection — even in the worst weather
  • The Dripper Guard PRO fits a wide variety of thru hulls including Attwood, Groco, Perko, and more


The Dripper Guard Pro is the perfect, simple solution for the boating enthusiast who lives their boat and wants to make sure it stays as pristine-looking as possible. The Dripper Guard PRO can easily attach to your existing thru hull and start protecting your boat in a manner of minutes. Don’t let your existing thru hull stain you boat and taint its prestigious look, get your Dripper Guard PRO from us at Dripper Guard today! 


  • Comes in both black and white variants
  • Available in both ¾” and 1 ⅛” (see compatibility below) 
  • Thru hull NOT included
*Thru-hull not included
 Brand   Size  Part #   Material  Fits
Attwood 3/4" 66541-3 stainless PRO 3/4"
Attwood 1" 66548-3 stainless PRO 1-1/8"
Attwood 1-1/8" 66543-3 stainless PRO 1-1/8"
GEM 3/4" 71002-2 stainless PRO 3/4"
Groco  3/4" HTH-750-S stainless PRO 3/4"
Groco 1" HTH-1000-S stainless PRO 1-1/8"
Groco 1-1/8" HTH-1125-S stainless PRO 1-1/8"
Perko 3/4" 0350005DPC stainless PRO 3/4"
Perko 1" 0350006DPC stainless PRO 1-1/8"
Perko 1-1/8" 035006ADPC stainless PRO 1-1/8"
Perko 3/4" 0328DP5 plastic PRO 3/4"
Perko 1' 0328DP6 plastic PRO 1-1/8"
Seafit 3/4" 14858864 stainless PRO 3/4"
Seafit 1-1/8" 14858880 stainless PRO 1-1/8"
Sea Dog 1-1/8" 520770-1 plastic PRO 1-1/8"

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